Béziers Méditerranée means adventure just as you like it! On foot, by bike, in the water or down a zipline, stock up on sensations and emotions, and explore the region in a thousand and one different ways - the choice is endless!

On the water, first of all, with the Canal du Midi, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site and attracting visitors from all over the world! For two hours or one week, on foot, by bike, on a barge or electric motor boat, on the water or on the riverbank, it provides heaps of activities, things to discover and enjoy - get on board on the "Canal Side" or the "City Side"!

But that's not all - you can also go horse-riding on the beach, paddle in a canoe or a standup paddleboard on the River Orb or choose from one of the many water sports on the Mediterranean Sea!

Lastly, our rich heritage - culture, sport, art - will reveal all its facets during activities to share with your family, on the "Vine Side" with a visit through the vineyards on foot, by bike or car. The Béziers Méditerranée winemaking area is ideal for a wide range of discoveries: visiting wine cellars, meeting winemakers, exploring the rural heritage and many other enjoyable, sports-based and leisure activities to enjoy for you and your family!