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  • Accessible from the Boulevard Bir Hakeim, the mediaeval garden is located next to the St Jean d’Aureilhan estate.
    In this historical and peaceful setting beside a 12th-century church, you will discover a world of plants grown and used during mediaeval times for their benefits and symbolism.
    In the enclosed garden, you will find a raised platform with the tree of life (a cypress tree) and a circle representing heaven with four pathways leading to the four corners of the earth and dividing the garden into four distinct areas, to symbolise the four vital elements (earth, fire, water and air).
    Free guided tours with a botanist are frequently organised.
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1 review
  • magnifique jardin

    découverte agréable pour les journées du patrimoine ,avec pour les enfants et les parents, des animaux canards,poules,lapins......un verre de l'amitié au final !!