Park and garden at Béziers

cimetiere vieux-l'orante-MBPMBP
cimetiere vieux-la belle pleureuse-MBPMBP
cimetiere vieux-entree de mausolee-bronze-MBPMBP
Cimetiere vieux-Tombe de Jean-Marie Cordier-MBPMBP
Cimetiere vieux-tombeau du sculpteur Injalbert-MBPMBP
  • Created in 1812, the old cemetery was extended in 1863. Like any self-respecting Mediterranean cemetery it is planted with cypress trees that are almost as old as it is, and is essentially an open-air museum, as many of the tombs and mausoleums are decorated with superb statues by Jean-Antoine Injalbert, Jean Magrou, Jacques Villeneuve and Louis Paul. You can admire all of the amazing statues during a stroll through the arbours and alcoves.
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  • A voir absolument

    Émouvant et impressionnant ; penser à photographier le plan du cimetiere pour retrouver les tombes les plus exceptionnelles, même si les inscriptions sur certaines plus traditionnelles méritent notre attention...

  • Cimetiere vieux

    Très intéressant et bien tenu