Guided visits by the Béziers Méditerranée Tourist Office, on the City Side

Explore our region, its architectural and historic heritage, its vineyards, villages and landscapes. Stroll along the Canal du Midi. Set out to encounter a rich expertise and all our savours. The visits are in french, however you can follow them with translated documentation.

Guided tour " Béziers Gourmand "


(April, May, June // September, October)
- Saturday at 10 am on April 14th, April 28th, May 12th, May 26th, June 9th, June 23rd
- then on september 8th, september 22nd and october 20th

Price : 10/8/6 euros, Ambassador Pass :  buy 1 = get 1 for free

This unusual walk takes you through the historic centre of Béziers, to discover the historical, architectural and gastronomic heritage: Saint Aphrodise shells, chichoumeille and white wine.

(July / august) - thursdays at 6 pm

Price : 10/8/6 euros, Ambassador Pass :  buy 1 = get 1 for free

An original visit to the artisans in the city centre. At the corner of a street, or in a private mansion, push the door and meet enthusiasts of the material: a wood turner, a potter, a sculptor, the manufacture of perforated cardboard for organ.

Tasting of Saint Aphrodise shells in Lavabre square and wine on the Soirées Divines.
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Olé Béziers, visit of the Arena

(July / August, except on august 9th and august 16th)
Wednesdays at 10am

Price : 8/6 euros, Ambassador Pass : buy 1 = get 1 for free

Guided tour at 10 am of the Béziers' arenas which have gathered in their walls a multitude of stories, sounds and passions.

Originally the bullring was the epicentre of the national and international opera scene, within the glory of Béziers at the beginning of the 20th century, nowadays the arenas open their doors only during the Féria and other big events. Enter the arena and let yourself be told its exciting story !
Visit the bullfighting museum.

No ticket sales on site

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From Père Lachaise biterrois to Saint-Aphrodise


(July and august) - Mondays at 10am

Price : 8/6 euros, Ambassador Pass: buy 1 = get 1 for free

This summer, two major sites of Béziers welcome you for an exceptional visit. Off-centre, they're open to visitors on rare occasions and remain unknown to the public. They nevertheless concentrate the historical and patrimonial richness of Béziers: the Cimetière Vieux, a real treasure of sculptures and symbolism created in the 19th century, and the Saint-Aphrodise basilica, built in the 8th century on a religious spot of the first christians.

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